The Day My Life Turned Upside Down……….

August 31, 2006 at 4:40 am (Health, Life, wreck)

As the last post I wrote states, I was emerging from a deep depression and learning to live life again. I was finally able to leave the house without having panic attacks. I got in my car for the first time since I moved back home and was going to run a few errands for my mom and also bring my laptop, blackberry and cell phone that had been issued to me at my old job to UPS to mail it back when my life took a drastic turn.

I threw on my cut-off yoga pants, a t-shirt, Reef flip-flops and headed out the door around 10am. I ran the few errands I had to run for mom. My next stop was to go to UPS. I was heading down a feeder road and as I approached the underpass of the highway, a lady in a Ford Focus was turning around under the underpass and was supposed to stop at the stop sign before heading onto the feeder road. Instead she came barrelling through the stop sign at about 50mph. It felt like slow motion. I saw her coming and there was nothing I could do but scream “No, No, Please, NOOO!” We collided and my car was thrown in a ditch and hers was pushed down the feeder road. My car hit a huge sign, rolled down the side of the ditch – over the concrete dividers, nose-dived into the ditch, popped back up and slammed into the embankment.

At first I thought I was dead. I sat there touching my face, screaming “Am I okay?! Am I okay?!” I crawled out of my seat-belt and couldn’t see anything because my glasses had flew off somewhere. I turned to my left and a boy was standing across the ditch from me screaming, “Lady, get out! Your car is on fire!!” My door was stuck and I pushed with all my might to get out and finally it snapped open. I crawled out the door and and he was sliding down the side of the ditch trying to get to me. I was crawling and moving the best I could but I was dragging my right foot and couldn’t get it to move. When the boy saw that I couldn’t move, he grabbed me and with every ounce of adrenaline in his body he yanked me up and got me away from my car and on the side of the ditch. He was this little high-school kid, who happen to have a flat-tire on his truck and had stopped to change it with his buddy. He was all of 115lbs and he had pulled me from the ditch. Amazing.

All of the sudden another boy and two men came over and were screaming at me to lay down and wait for an ambulence. Some more people were starting to gather around. I kept saying I was okay and begging them to please call my mom and dad. I was yelling their cell phone numbers out and work numbers out to anyone with a cell phone. I got up and started walking away from the ditch. I could tell my foot was hurt. My big toe was completely turned in.

The noise of ambulances and police started and was over-powering. I glanced over to see who I had hit and as I looked over they were removing kids from the other car. I started hyperventilating and asking if the kids were okay. Everyone around me was trying to calm me down and assure me that everyone in the other car was hurt but okay.

My parents arrived and I’ve never been more happy to see them. I was breathing and okay so I told the ambulance people that I would just have my parents take me to the hospital. Five witnesses were willing to give statements that the other driver failed to stop and the highway patrol gave her the citation. Her license was also suspended and he told me that as soon as she left the ER she would be arrested. There were 4 kids in the back seat of the Ford Focus, one only 2 months old. To add more drama to the situation, her insurance had became effective the day before this happened. Can you imagine?

After all the information was taken, my dad took me to the ER. We waited 10 hours in the ER and after all the x-rays and tests, they said I had major bruising, concussions, and a broken foot.

The days that followed were horrible. I would lay in bed screaming because the pain in my leg and foot hurt so bad. I went to a foot doctor in town and a foot specialist in Houston. The bone that broke split so bad that it tore tendons and ligaments too. They can’t operate on it anytime soon until the muscle heals around it. The bone broke so bad that it will never fuse back together. The bone pieces landed too far apart. In the future I will probably be facing surgery – a tendon graft. To add insult to injury the toe was completely out of joint, so the doctor in Houston had to give me four Novocaine shots and physically move the bone back in the joint. I would rather give birth to a porcupine than go through that again. Otherwise I was completely bruised from head to toe. I was burned everywhere from the substance in the airbags and sore all over. I also dislocated my shoulder and some joints in my fingers from griping the steering wheel.

Just in the past few days have I been able to walk without needing crutches, a walker or a wheelchair. It has been quite a few weeks. This has put my life on hold.  I’m praying and hoping the foot heals and I don’t need surgery. The DPS trooper said he couldn’t believe I made it out alive.

My car? That’s a whole other story. They are currently deciding whether to total it or not. I bought it June 28th and when I got home from the ER that night there was a message on my cell phone that my plates were in at Mike Smith. I had not even gotten to enjoy my new car. The pictures make me sick. My brand-new 2006 Honda Accord – my dream car – wrecked. Complete sadness.

After the whole situation with my job, I sat around bitter, mad and not willing to let everything go. I questioned God’s will for my life. I will no longer question it. I guess I’m here for a reason.

Pictorial evidence –  Click here.

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Light at the End of the Tunnel….

August 7, 2006 at 1:19 am (Job, Life)

I’m slowly starting to emerge from my state of bitterness and I’m navigating back into the world looking for employment. It sucks as bad as it always did, but I still don’t regret my decision to move back and quit. By the grace of God I will get through this.

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Past, Present & Future Part 2

August 6, 2006 at 3:03 am (Family, Job, Life, Mistakes, Relocation)


At the beginning of 2006 I had received a promotion and had a new set of resonsibilities. I was traveling a little to do audits throughout the company and was enjoying my job. Except for having to work for him. In March of 2006 we got a new VP over our department. Our first female boss. She immediately liked the job I did. This was refreshing since the past four and a half years my work was ripped to shreds, along with my self-esteem. 

She kept giving me more responsibilities and I really enjoyed working for her. Of course, he tried to burn me every chance he got but she knew his games and deep down she couldn’t stand him either, but tolerated him because he was over me. She negotiated me a nice bonus for the year and I was over-joyed she had joined our group. In the past, he had made sure my bonuses were never over $500.

In June she offered me a another promotion and a relocation package to move to the corporate office. I jumped on it because I wanted AWAY from him. At all cost.

I accepted it. The salary was magnificent and the job was going to be nice. I found an apartment, signed the lease and was set to move.

The only thing missing in this equation? My mind. I was SO enthralled at the idea of getting away from him that I jumped without thinking everything through. Was I ready to move? Was I ready to leave my family and comfort zone?

As they say – hindsight…….

I moved and became distraught. Everything was overwhelming. From the new apartment (silent, cold, lonely and just NOT home) to the huge building I worked in (my office was on the 25th floor overlooking the galleria (nice, but not as cool as one would expect), to the traffic (brutal, hellacious, nerve-racking – exactly how everyone describes it – except when you live there it seems to be worse), to the people (arrogant, hostile, weird and not a damn one is down-to-earth). And the job. Oh. My. Goodness. The JOB. I arrived every day early and left at 8 o’clock almost every night. It never ended.

Bottom line – it wasn’t worth it. Nothing outweighed the way I felt.

I cracked. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I called my boss one night at 9pm and told him that it wasn’t working out – I missed my family, I missed my home, I hated the new job and I was giving him my notice. My second call was to my older brother who was on the elipitical at the gym. He listened carefully as I told him why I was unhappy and told me to give him the word and he would move me back. My two brothers and dad moved me back that weekend, I got my old apartment back and was so upset about how bad the past five years had made me feel that I stayed with my parents instead of going to my own apartment.

It’s been a few days and I’m still living at my parents. I do not regret my decision. I do not regret giving up the job, money, bonuses, career path, ect… What I do regret giving up is my self-esteem, self-worth, and life for the past five years. I regret when I cancelled plans with my nieces that one Friday because I had a huge report due Monday and stayed home working away on my laptop all weekend. I regret when I went out for my grandpa’s 88th birthday party and paid attention to the emails on my Blackberry instead of the festivities going on around me. I regret the time I let the job get to me so bad that I went to my doctor and he put me on anxiety medication to cope. I regret that I let myself get involved with a coworker who was older than me, more experienced than me, and was climbing his way up the corporate ladder. I regret letting him influence my life. I knew better. I regret not quitting – but there was so much wrapped up in the situation. As the years went on, I tried to hang on. I kept hope alive that one day it would get better. I kept beating my head against the brick wall wanting to make it right. But my biggest regret is letting them motivate me with money because, as it turns out, money IS the root of all evil.

I will eventually get another job and move on with life. Right now I’m bitter, hurt, and exhausted. Life goes on….

Shame on you, if you fool me once
Shame on me if you fool me twice
You’ve been a pretty hard case to crack
Should’ve known better but I didn’t
And I can’t go back

Oh life goes on
And it’s only gonna make me strong
It’s a fact, once you get on board
Say good-bye cause you can’t go back
Oh it’s a fight, and I really wanna get it right
Where I’m at, is my life before me
And this feelin’ that I can go back

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Past, Present & Future Part 1

August 4, 2006 at 5:55 am (Family, Job, Life, Mistakes)

As much as I’ve been through the past few weeks (actually 5 years), I feel the need to write down the thoughts swimming in my head. This is going to be difficult to write. I need to get this out. I need to find peace and acceptance so I can move forward. I would much rather type than write so I guess I should utilize this “journal” or “weblog” to put everything down. I figure it’s best to start at the beginning.

When I graduated highschool I wasn’t interested in college. After graduation I started working full-time at a daycare. I was happy to be out of school and doing something I enjoyed with my days. I was content and not really looking for anything more. I had a few friends who I was close to, hung out with my family and just enjoyed life. Sure I was looking forward to the day when I could move out of my parents house and have my own place, but I was happy where I was at the time. That fall rolled around and my brother was off to college, my older brother had graduated college and was out of the house, and my parents started talking to me about college. My mom was a little more pushy than my dad. As it got closer to January 1999 (the beginning of a new semester of college), she became more adamant that I start college and start planning for my future. The week before classes started my mom told me that she wanted me to start college. She didn’t care where, but she felt it necessary for me to go somewhere. 

I got up the next morning and left. I went through all the steps and not once did I feel uncomfortable or out of place. I was actually excited about it. I worked part-time at the daycare and went to school in the morning. I met some nice people and slowly grew to love college. I made straight A’s (much different from my highschool days) and was asked by a group of instructors to be their student assistant. Suckass, no?

The next few years I stayed in college, flip-flopping around, working part-time and making a few mistakes. By 2001 I was getting exhausted with school and wanted to move out. I decided to start looking for a full-time position. I sent out my resume to a lot of places and went on a few interviews. At this time I was working part-time at a temporary job for a lady who was on maternity leave. When she came back we got along so well that she asked if I would be interested in working for them permanently. My parents tried to push me into working there and finishing my degree. I decided to do that but deep down I really wanted a full-time job because I wanted my own place and was so tired of school. During that time I had went on an interview at an industrial corporation and really wanted the job. The interview sucked and the guy who interviewed me was a complete asshole but I figured I could deal with him. I just wanted a good salary that would support me to live alone.

A few weeks passed after the interview and I had decided to give up on the full-time job and just continue working part-time and going to school. A few days later I received a call from said asshole that I had not received the job. The other candidate had more experience and he chose her. It’s important to note that I had been desperately praying that if this job was meant to be to let it work out and if not, then don’t let me get it. That was my prayer every night. I hung up the phone and while I was disappointed, I figured it must have not meant to be.

A week passed and out of the blue I was at my part-time job in the office by myself. The lady whose place I had been working in was back on her first day from maternity leave and she had just left to go to the bathroom when the phone rang. It was the guy from the industrial company asking me if I was still interested in the job. He offered me the job and asked me what salary I was looking for. I told him and he said that it sounded reasonable and that was it. I had the job. I knew in my heart I was making a mistake but I jumped because of the salary and freedom it offered me. (Little did I know….freedom wasn’t something I was about to experience.)We discussed background checks, drug testing, HR orientation and the start date.

I showed up my first day on July 21, 2001. I was so excited. From the interview and how he handled himself I figured he would be hard to work for, but I had always went above and beyond at any job I had that I knew I could overcome whatever was thrown my way. Clearly, looking back, I was very oblivious to the real world. Not that I had not seen or had my share of life’s trials and tribulations but I was very young – 21 to be exact – and looking back, clearly, very naive.

I wanted to do a good job so bad. I walked in with a positive attitude. I put my best foot forward. I went above and beyond to do a good job. The first couple of days were hard, but I was so excited about making the salary (that was HUGE in my immature mind) so I just overlooked everything wrong and tried to focus on my job. That was a huge problem right there – I didn’t have a job actually. This position was one that was established out of the corporate office in Houston (where we actually worked out of – our dept was located in Houston – but my boss did’nt want to move when he took his position so my position stayed down here as well). He was determined to make things go his way. I didn’t understand the company, my job, my role, but most of all – him. Weird did not even begin to describe him. Let me try: He was (is) in his mid fifties, very tall, very large, extremely loud spoken and a very heavy smoker. From the beginning he was very intimidating, very controlling, manipulating and rude. Nothing changed.

As the days went by we had disagreements and I even quit three months into the job because I couldn’t take it anymore. I had just moved into my first apartment and I was distraught about giving everything up and moving back home. He called me, told me we could work it out and because I was young and stupid, I went back. A few things changed but not much. He NEVER changed. He might change something he was doing for a short period of time, but he – himself – never did change

The beat went on. For another year. And another. And three more after that. Each day got worse and worse. But oh no – I couldn’t quit. I loved my apartment. I loved living alone. And just about the time I would get ready to quit he would be bearable for a few days and I would get okay. Each day I would get up and put my clothes back on and go, no matter how bad he treated me the day before. Why? I don’t know. But deep down, I knew it was because I didn’t want to fail. I wanted to make this job work. I wanted to support myself. I let my pride get in the way too much.

Each day my life would depreciate a little at a time. Before you knew it, I was going to my family doctor to get medicine to cope. Then I started gaining weight by leaps and bounds because of the stress. My eyesight started deteriorating. I became a completely different person. No one wanted to be around me. I didn’t want to be around me. I went to 3 counselors, 2 psychologist and 1 psychiatrist trying to figure out how to handle this situation better. Nothing worked.

Throughout the past two years, things started looking up. Kind of. I started back at Lamar to finish my degree, I had finally gotten a raise – after 3 years of being there. I was complacent in the rut. I finished my degree and got another raise – a significant one – right after that. That only made it worse. I was making a very good salary – but the situation had not changed. By this time things had gotten a little better. About every 6 months we would have a huge disagreement but other than that I did my job and he did his. But we still had a very deep hatred for each other and it was obvious. We tried to be friends – we went to lunch a few times, tried to find common ground – but it just wasn’t there. By this time – 3 years later – there was just too much water under the bridge.

Part II to be continued….

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August 1, 2006 at 3:42 pm (Life)

I decided to start this weblog because my mind is overloaded. My life has taken a new path in the past weeks and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around everything. Follow me as I journey through this thing called life.

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